The Trilogy is Complete!

Book Three is NOW AVAILABLE!

This book is the third of the Orion's Belt trilogy. "Full Moon Fever" picks up right where "Baptism under Fire" ends, and is suggested that you read the first two books to fully understand this sequel. The trilogy in itself praises the fighting men and women who put their lives on the line everyday.

"Full Moon Fever" adds to the astounding scientific revolution's being implemented today. Perhaps through these adventures, we all can live vicariously through the bravery of these heroic characters.

Enjoy the ride everybody. The Cosmos is calling....
John Peter Ferris
I am a former serviceman for the greatest country, the good old USA, and a former construction worker living in New York State. Unfortunate events have left me with a disability, and because of these unseen circumstances, I discovered my love for writing and have been addicted ever since. I have been a fan of science fiction for as long as I can remember. When I am not writing or enjoying playing my guitar, I enjoy spending quality time with my grandson Devin and the rest of my family.
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Review: Another super hero is born in one Johnny Orion, Mr. Ferris main character. He is an endearing ex-Navy S.E.A.L., who, because of his physical and readiness abilities almost dies in saving another’s life. At the moment of his demise, Orion is brought back to life, using super biological technology never injected into a human. As with Superman, his strength and new persona develop into an action figure. He has an incredible support team, mostly his ex-Navy cohorts and a medical research corporation to support his endeavors of fighting evil where it may appear. Mr. Ferris has put much thought into this first book of a series for futuristic and adventure readers to enjoy. His detail is immense and at times overwhelming, but worth the involvement. It’s the basis for future Orion adventures that needs to be outlined. Orion’s Belt is an easy to read story of good over evil. Good doesn’t always overcome, but Johnny Orion and his A-Team will fight off any enemy of those in the right. The other main characters have their strengths and help propel the story along when they’re sent to save New York City from an attack, but it is Orion who saves the day. If you like super heroes and their adventures, this series is for you. Mr. Ferris has found his niche and will shine. --Author Roy Murry


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